Relationship Wishes


  1. Someone very high in agreeableness (warm, kind, empathetic, altruistic, modest)
  2. Someone who doesn’t withdraw from important conversations about the relationship
  3. Someone who capitalizes/magnifies the positive when I share good news (is very very excited for me when I do something well or conquer a fear of mine, no matter how small)
  4. Someone who is moderately low on novelty-seeking behavior, or openness to experience. Honest
  5. Someone who doesn’t have an avoidant attachment style – is comfortable being close, allows himself to depend on me and vice-versa, isn’t afraid of commitment
  6. Someone who doesn’t blame me for problems in the relationship by criticizing my traits

Author: Meredith Klein

Meredith is a lover of smoothies and all things psychological. She regularly contributes articles and also lovingly designed the Mindbody Blender logo and website.

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